• Jodi Lipsh

    "Using the phone as a scanner was much faster and easier to use than the traditional scanning devices."

    Jodi Lipsh, Marketing Communications Manager, KI
  • Becky Billinghurst

    "We attached Products and Notes to our leads to help better understand our customers and market to them more effectively post show."

    Becky Billinghurst, Senior Manager Customer Insight, Herman Miller
  • Ashley Davis William

    "The QRLeadr for NeoCon 2012 was a great asset to our showroom. We were quickly able to scan many people that entered our showroom and have their information easily available to send to our sales force. It also was great to have the ability to add information and notes so that our sales force knows the products and information the client needs after NeoCon."

    Ashley Davis William, Advertising Director, Davis Furniture Industries Inc.
  • "Filled with dynamic content, Designer Pages offers every manufacturer a unique opportunity to visually showcase directly to potentials. It's truly become a crossroad that empowers both the manufacturer and designer to connect, extending beyond the webpage. The QR app in particular offered the type of instant outreach our organization has been in need of for some time."

    Amber K. Johnson, Marketing Manager, Safco Products
    Amber K. Johnson
  • Doug Shapiro

    "QRLeadr enabled our whole sales force to generate leads. It wasn't two people scanning at the front of a long line anymore. Throughout the show, we watched live tracking of our leads on QRLeadr.com."

    Doug Shapiro, Brand Manager, OFS Brands
  • "With the new QR system, our devices vibrated instantly letting us know we had captured a lead. This really kept the flow of people moving. We scanned 40% more attendees than last year, and I'm confident that we'll have quality leads to follow-up on."

    Steve Cohen, VP of Sales & Marketing, CF Group
    Steve Cohen
  • David Logsdon

    "Customers want to talk about our products and we need to be able to capture their information as quickly as possible. QRLeadr allowed us to easily scan attendees' badges and move onto our presentation!"

    David Logsdon, Director of Sales, Arcadia Contract
  • "We didn't even have to push a button, QRLeadr scanned badges automatically and the attendee's information would show up on the screen. There was a notes column where we recorded if they had questions or wanted any samples. Since QRLeadr saved us time, we had more time to talk with attendees."

    Liz Sutton, Showroom Sales Specialist, The Mohawk Group
    Liz Sutton
  • Courtney Brophy

    "Using QRLeadr was a great experience for our marketing team. Lead generation is a vital part of our trade show program and QRLeadr made it quick and efficient. With very little training, everyone who worked in our booth was able to use any of FIVE devices equipped to capture leads. No more anxiously searching for a single device shared by many staff members! Plus, as soon as we got to our computer, our leads were available, ready to download and distribute to our sales force. With the added functionality of the notes and product tags, our team was able to relay the information gathered on the show floor directly to our follow up systems. Timely and detailed follow up is vital to the success of any sales process and this app has provided us with a platform to start the cycle in a detail oriented and efficient way."

    Courtney Brophy, Marketing and Sales, Expanko, Inc.
  • "QRLeadr greatly increased the rate at which we could scan attendees entering our showroom especially with the larger groups. The scanning process was almost instantaneous. The app was very intuitive and easy to use making it a breeze to add customer notes and specific product information. The result was a 30% increase in leads from last year that included a great deal more customer specific notes and requests. We look forward to using it again at future shows and events."

    Jesse B. Davis, Director of Marketing, Arc|Com
    Jesse B. Davis